What is Android.PUA.DebugKey?

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What is Android.PUA.DebugKey? Is it a virus?

Android.PUA.DebugKey is a new Android application that has recently appeared in the Google Play Store.

The app’s description claims that it can “help you find and remove viruses on your Android device.” However, many users are concerned about the app’s potential safety implications.

Is Android.PUA.DebugKey a virus, and if so, what should you do if you have it installed on your device?

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What is Android.PUA.DebugKey?

Android.PUA.DebugKey is a security application that helps protect your device from viruses and other malicious applications.

It is important to keep your device safe, especially if you are using it to access sensitive information. Android.PUA.DebugKey can help you do that by identifying and removing viruses and malware from your device.

Is Android.PUA.DebugKey a virus?

Android.PUA.DebugKey is a program that allows users to sideload applications from outside of the Google Play Store.

While this feature may be helpful for some, it is important to note that Android.PUA.DebugKey is not a virus and should not be treated as such.

How to remove Android.PUA.DebugKey from your computer

Android.PUA.DebugKey is a virus that can be found on a computer by scanning with antivirus software. It is a trojan horse that installs other viruses and malware onto the computer.

Android.PUA.DebugKey can be removed from the computer by using an antivirus software program or by manually removing it.


Android.PUA.DebugKey is not a virus and does not harm your computer. Android.PUA.DebugKey is an app that allows you to debug applications on your Android phone or tablet.

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