New Wage Code – Know latest update

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New Wage Code: New Labor Code, Salary Decoded – Draft ready, may be applicable anytime – Know latest update

The current labor code is intended to promote the economic and social security of workers. To do so, it changes the PF regulation, working hours, pension, salaries past retirement.

The new labor code will be contributing to the national social security schemes and creating a harmonious work environment. It will create effective working conditions for employers, employees, and entrepreneurs.

What to do if you haven’t updated your job yet

The government of India has been preparing for changes to the labor laws. Except for 1 or 2 states, all have submitted their draft to the Center along with suggestions. On the basis of which the new labor code is in the final stages and close to going into effect. The government has made 4 new labor codes in place of 29 central laws. These include Wage, Social Security, Industrial Relations, and Occupational Security Laws

New Wage Code: Know what is coming and follow the updates

The new labor code strives to strengthen the socio-economic security of employees, which includes pension, PF contribution, and retirement benefits. With the implementation of this, salary structures will change drastically. For example, an employee’s basic salary cannot be less than 50% of the company’s CTC. This will change the take-home pay for employees, but on retirement they will receive more. The new labor code will also benefit those in the unorganized sector.

New Labor Code could be applied anytime – Know latest update.

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In accordance with the new labor code, a company can increase the number of hours per day from 9 to 12. However, this will be optional for the employee. They’ll only work 4 days per week and still have 3 days off per week. If they resign or are removed or terminated, the company will be required to reimburse them within 2 days of their last day. Companies usually take 1-2 months to settle this. PF and gratuity is not part of this reimbursement.

Work on integration of e-shram portal

To ensure workers financial security, the government has now prepared to implement the new labor code. It also plans to link e-shram with states’ databases so that they can get all the benefits of welfare schemes.

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New Wage Code Decoded

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CTC will be 50% of the Basic Salary

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Preview features of the ‘New Labor Code’

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What are some of the features in the New Labor Code?

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When is full and final payment due after the Last working day?

– At present, companies take one and a half to two months time

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