Ms word keyboard shortcut keys list useful for everyone

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Here you can learn Ms word keyboard shortcut keys list which is very useful for everyone who wants to increase his/her expertise in Microsoft word document.

Shortcuts for Microsoft Word
Ctrl + ASelect all contents of the page
Ctrl + BBold highlighted selection
Ctrl + XCut selected text
Ctrl + CCopy selected text
Ctrl + VPaste selected text.
Ctrl + FOpen find box
Ctrl + HOpen replace box
Ctrl + G or F5Go to
Ctrl + IItalicize highlighted section
Ctrl + JJustify paragraph
Ctrl + KInsert hyperlink
Ctrl + UUnderline highlighted section
Ctrl + Shift + DDouble underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + Shift + WUnderline word
Ctrl + POpen the print window
Ctrl + YRepeat the last action performed
Ctrl + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + LAligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen
Ctrl + EAligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen
Ctrl + RAligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen
Ctrl + MIndent the paragraph
Ctrl + NNew document
Ctrl + OOpen document
Ctrl + Shift + FChange the font
Shift + F3Underline words but not spaces
Ctrl + Shift + AFormat letters as all capitals
Ctrl + Shift + KFormat letters as small capitals
Ctrl + Shift + WUnderline words but not spaces
Ctrl + F3Cut to the Spike
Ctrl + Shift + F3Insert/Paste the contents of the Spike
Ctrl + Shift + F10Activate the ruler
Ctrl + Shift + F10Activate the ruler
Alt + Ctrl + SSplit the document window
Alt + Shift + CRemove the document window split
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase selected font + 1
Ctrl + ]Increase selected font + 1
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease selected font ‐1
Ctrl + [Decrease selected font ‐1
Ctrl + Shift + *View or hide non printing characters (¶ button)
Ctrl + left arrowMoves one word to the left
Ctrl + right arrowMoves one word to the right
Ctrl + up arrowMoves to the beginning of the line or paragraph
Ctrl + down arrowMoves to the end of the paragraph
Ctrl + DelDeletes word to the right of cursor
Ctrl + BackspaceDeletes word to the left of cursor
Ctrl + EndMoves the cursor to the end of the document
Ctrl + HomeMoves the cursor to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + SpacebarReset highlighted text to the default font
Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarSpace (non‐breaking)
Ctrl + EnterPage break
Ctrl + 1Single‐space lines
Ctrl + 2Double‐space lines
Ctrl + 51.5‐line spacing
Ctrl + Alt + 1Changes text to heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2Changes text to heading 2
Ctrl + Alt + 3Changes text to heading 3
F1Open Help
Shift + F3Change the case of the selected text
Shift + F1Reveal Formatting
Ctrl + F1Task Pane
Shift + InsertPaste
Shift + EnterLine Break
Shift + F5To the location of the insertion point when the document was last closed
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Page DownTo the end of a window
Ctrl + Shift + Down ArrowTo the end of a paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + EndTo the end of a document
Ctrl + Shift + F8, and then use the arrow keys; press Esc to cancel selection modeTo a vertical block to text
Ctrl + Shift + HomeTo the beginning of a document
Ctrl + Shift + Up ArrowTo the beginning of a paragraph
F2Move text or graphics
F4Repeat the last action performed (2000 +)
F6Go to next pane or frame
F7Spell check selected text and or document
F8Turn extend mode on
F10Activate the menu bar
EscTurn extend mode off
F8 (press once to select a word, twice to select a sentence, and so forth)Increase the size of a selection
F8, and then press Left Arrow or Right ArrowSelect the nearest character
Shift + F8Reduce the size of a selection
Shift + F7Activate the thesaurus
F12Save as
Shift + F12Save
Alt + F8Macros
Ctrl + Shift + F5Assign bookmark
Ctrl + F4Close window
Ctrl + F7Choose the Move command (Control menu)
Ctrl + F8Choose the Size command (document Control menu)
Ctrl + F2 or Ctrl + Alt + IPrint Preview
Ctrl + Shift + EnterColumn Break
Alt + Ctrl + PShow columns (page layout)
Alt + Ctrl + EAdd Endnote
Alt + Ctrl + FAdd Footnote
Ctrl + Shift + HHide/View hidden text
Alt + F4Exit Word
Ctrl + Shift + hyphenNon‐breaking hyphen
Ctrl + hyphenOptional hyphen
Ctrl + TIndent hanging 1/2 inch
Ctrl + MIndent paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + TReset hanging indent
Ctrl + Shift + MReset paragraph indent
Ctrl + 51.5 line spacing
Ctrl + 2Double line spacing
Ctrl + 1Single line spacing
Ctrl + 0 (zero)Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph
Alt + Shift + EMail merge ‐ edit data document
Alt + Shift + FMail merge ‐ insert merge field
Alt + Shift + NMail merge ‐ merge document
Alt + Shift + KMail merge ‐ preview mail merge
Alt + Shift + MMail merge ‐ print merged document
Ctrl + =Subscript
Ctrl + Shift + =Superscript
Ctrl + Shift + ETrack changes
Alt + Ctrl + NSwitch to normal view
Alt + Ctrl + OSwitch to outline view
Alt + Ctrl + PSwitch to print layout view
Click, hold, and dragSelects text from where you click and hold to the point you drag and let go
Double ­ clickDouble‐clicking a word selects the complete word
Double ­ clickDouble‐clicking on the left, center, or right of a blank line will make the alignment of the text left, center, or right aligned
Double ­ clickDouble‐clicking anywhere after text on a line will set a tab stop.
Triple ­ clickSelects the line or paragraph of the text the mouse triple‐clicked
Ctrl + Mouse wheelZooms in and out of document
Alt + Click, hold, dragSelects a column of text (very useful!)
Tables Shortcuts for Microsoft Word
Alt + 5 on the numeric keypad (with Num Lock off)Select an entire table
Alt + EndLast cell in a row
Alt + HomeFirst cell in a row
Alt + Page DownLast cell in a column
Alt + Page DownLast cell in a column
Alt + Page UpFirst cell in a column
Down ArrowNext row
Shift + TabPrevious cell in a row
TabNext cell in a row
Up ArrowPrevious row
Click in the column’s top or bottom cell. Hold down Shift and press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key repeatedlySelect a column
Ctrl + Shift + F8, and then use the arrow keys; press Esc to cancel selection modeExtend (or block)
Hold down Shift and press an arrow key repeatedlyExtend to adjacent cells
Shift + F8Reduce the selection size
Ctrl + Shift + F8Extend or block (then press an arrow key)
Fields Shortcuts for Microsoft Word
Alt + Ctrl + LA Listnum field
Alt + F1Go to the next field
Alt + F9Switch between all field codes and their results
Alt + Shift + DA Date field
Alt + Shift + F1Go to the previous field
Alt + Shift + F9Run Gotobutton or Macrobutton from the field that displays the field results
Alt + Shift + PA Page field
Alt + Shift + TA Time field
Ctrl + F11Lock a field
Ctrl + F9Insert an empty field
Ctrl + Shift + F11Unlock a field
Ctrl + Shift + F7Update linked information in a Word source document
Ctrl + Shift + F9Unlink a field
F11Go to the next field
F9Update selected fields
Shift + F11Go to the previous field
Shift + F9Switch between a field code and its result
Shortcuts for Foreign Letters and Special Characters in Microsoft Word
Ctrl + ` (accent­grave) letterà, è, ì, ò, ù
Ctrl + ` (accent­grave) shift + letterÀ, È, Ì, Ò, Ù
Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe) letterá, é, í, ó, ú
Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe) shift + letterÁ, É, Í, Ó, Ú
Ctrl + Shift + ^ (caret) letterâ, ê, î, ô, û
Ctrl + Shift + ^ (caret) letterÂ, Ê, Î, Ô, Û
Ctrl + Shift + ~ (tilde) letterã, ñ, õ
Ctrl + Shift + ~ (tilde) Shift + letterÃ, Ñ, Õ
Ctrl + Shift + : (colon) letterä, ë, ï, ö, ü, ÿ
Ctrl + Shift + : (colon) Shift + letterÄ, Ë, Ï, Ö, Ü, Ÿ
Ctrl + Shift + @ a or Aå, Å
Ctrl + Shift + & a or Aæ, Æ
Ctrl + Shift + & o or Oce, CE
Ctrl + , (comma) c or Cc, C
Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe) d or Dð, Ð
Ctrl + / o or Oø, Ø
Alt + Ctl + Shift + ?¿
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + !i
Ctrl + Shift + & Sß
Alt + Ctrl + CThe copyright symbol
Alt + Ctrl + periodAn ellipsis
Alt + Ctrl + RThe registered trademark symbol
Alt + Ctrl + TThe trademark symbol
Ctrl + EnterA page break
Ctrl + F9A field
Ctrl + hyphenAn optional hyphen
Ctrl + Shift + EnterA column break
Ctrl + Shift + hyphenA nonbreaking hyphen
Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarA nonbreaking space
Enter (after typing the first few characters of the Auto Text Entry name and when the ScreenTip appears)An AutoText entry

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