Copymatic – A best AI marketing tool in 2022

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Copymatic – Best AI tool for Article generation

Looking for a content writing tool that can help you save time and effort? Then you need to check out Copymatic! This AI-powered software is designed to help you with all aspects of content creation, from coming up with ideas to structuring yourarticle.

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What is Copymatic?

Copymatic is an AI tool that helps you generate articles. It uses a unique algorithm to help you come up with ideas for your articles, and then it writes the article for you.

How does Copymatic work?

Copymatic is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate articles. It first analyzes a piece of content and then creates a new article based on the information it gathered.

Article generator

Turn a headline and outline into a long, fully seo-optimized article with this ai editor.

Blog post author

Write blog articles in minutes with the most advanced ai writing assistant.

Paragraph writer

Write original and humanized paragraphs based on your blog subtitles (h2, h3, h4,…).

Article rewriter

Smartest article rewriter ever. Rewrite blog articles or any type of content in seconds.

Blog section

Write a full blog section (a few paragraphs) above the subheading of your article.

Blog title

No one wants to read boring blog titles, generate attractive blog titles with this tool.

Blog ideas

The perfect tool to start writing great articles. Brainstorm creative ideas for your next post.

Blog title (lists)

Automatically generate compelling list titles, the most effective type of title.

Blog introduction

Write an introduction that prompts your visitors to read more about your article.

Blog review

Write the general idea of ​​your next blog post. Sketch easy and fast.

Blog conclusion

End your blog articles with an interesting concluding paragraph.

Talking points

Write short, simple, and informative points for your article’s subheadings.

Pros and cons

Write the advantages and disadvantages of a product, service or website for your blog article.

Landing page

Create a complete landing page (word and design) in seconds.

Website headlines

Write a catchy title for your landing page or any web page.

Website subtitles

Write a secondary title that is based on the main title.

Metatitles (url)

Enter a url to generate seo optimized meta titles, high ctr guaranteed.

Meta description

Write seo-optimized meta descriptions based on the description.

Meta description (url)

Generate seo-optimized meta descriptions based on the content of the url.

Seo keyword ideas

Find seo keywords to write and grow your traffic organically in no time.

Frequently asked questions

Generate faq based on your product description.

Frequently asked questions answers

Generate creative answers (faqs) to questions about your business or website.


Build one of the most effective copywriting formulas for your business.

Aida formula

Create the oldest copywriting formula used by the biggest brands.

Quest formula

Write a copy of the ability-understanding-educating-encouraging-transition.

Testimonials / reviews

Add social proof to your website by creating user testimonials.

How does this work

Write 3 detailed steps about how your product or business works.

About us

Generate unique and creative content to represent your business on our about us page.

Call to action

Generate a call-to-action line (or hook) about your business to drive your visitors to action.

Product details

Write a description of your product and why it is worth buying.

Value proposition

Write a compelling line about what your product is and why your prospects need it.

Characteristic for profit

A feature is what something is, and a benefit is what users can do or achieve with it.

Start name generator

Create a cool, creative and catchy name for your startup in seconds.

Mission status

Light up your vision! Write a short and concise mission statement for your company.

Vision statement

Write a vision statement that explains what your company wants to achieve.

Press releases

Write a short and compelling press release (news) to send to targeted media outlets.

Video script introduction

Write a catchy video introduction to engage your audience in the first few seconds.

Video script outline

Write an outline for dividing your video into sections before diving into the full script.

Video script section

Create content about a part of your video script based on subtitles.


Write compelling, engaging and informative content that your customers will love.

Cold email

Introduce your business by approaching a potential customer based on your goal.

Follow up email

Compose an email to interact with your potential customers in response to an action taken: free trial, meeting, call,…

Welcome email

Generate the first email you send to new customers, clients or users.

Cancellation email

Compose and track emails to re-engage customers

What are the benefits of using Copymatic?

There are many benefits to using Copymatic, the best AI tool for article generation. With Copymatic, you can create high-quality, unique articles quickly and easily without having to spend hours writing or paying someone to write for you.

Copymatic also allows you to customize your articles to match your specific needs and preferences. You can choose the length, topic, tone, and style of your articles, and Copymatic will do the rest.

In addition, Copymatic is constantly learning and improving. As more people use it, Copymatic gets better at understanding what users want and need. This means that over time, your articles will only get better and better.

So if you’re looking for a fast, easy, and affordable way to create high-quality content, look no further than Copymatic.

How to get started with Copymatic?

If you’re looking for a tool to help you generate articles, Copymatic is the best AI tool out there. Here’s how to get started with it:

1. Sign up for a free account at

2. Enter the URL of the article you want to generate.

3. Select the desired language and topic for your article.

4. Click “Generate Article.”

5. Enjoy your new article!


Copymatic is the best AI tool for article generation that I have come across. It not only saves me time by generating articles for me, but it also ensures that the quality of the articles is high.

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