Best Smeg Gas and Induction Hybrid Cooktop to buy

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The Smeg Gas and Induction Hybrid Cooktop is the perfect solution for those who want the best of both worlds.

With Surface Share technology, you can combine zones and operate them with a single control.

The ultra rapid burner offers powerful performance, while the attention to detail ensures that every part of the zone is usable.

Smeg Gas and Induction Hybrid Cooktop

Smeg’s technology enables multiple zones to be combined and controlled with a single control. This results in square, large zones that are more efficient and use every inch of available space.

This powerful ultra rapid burner offers up to 5kw of power and is powered by a heavy duty cast iron pan stand for maximum stability and strength.

Power booster – Allows the selected zone to work at maximum power when you’re cooking intensely.

With the MultiZone Presenter, you can work with several dishes at once. You can cook and serve large plates or small appetizers. Your cooking methods are only limited by your creativity.

One touch cooking begins at a high level, then automatically reduces after a set period of time. Ideal for dishes that require quick boiling and then continued cooking without constant supervision (eg beef broth).

The Quick Start function ensures that your selected temperature is reached much more quickly. The heating element will activate at max power automatically until it reaches your desired temperature.

Cook and Keep Warm Function – This mode keeps your food warm for up to 120 minutes. The heating zone operates at a low capacity in this state, and then turns off automatically.

We have child lock to prevent people from making changes by mistake.

The Zephir-L combines both overheating and overfill protection – the safety system that automatically turns off the hob in case of overheating, and the overfill protection that shuts down the stove when there’s an overflow.

The residual heat indicator prevents you from accidentally bumping your stove off and forgetting about it. When the temperature drops below 60 degrees Celsius, the indicator flashes to let you know that the hob is still using electricity.

With a touch of your finger on the touchdevice, you can adjust the power of your washer. The slider control panel will let you do it in an instant.
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Gas on glass hobs are usually supported by an aluminium or steel base. Smeg’s reinforced bases, however, consist of a steel layer fixed to the underside of the glass surface of all gas on glass hobs.

We have a variety of ultra-low profile cooktops that are perfect if you want to maximize your kitchen space. It has a 1mm height, and we’ve designed it with a small cut-out to make installation easy.

Pros and Cos of Smeg Gas and Induction Hybrid Cooktop

• Surface share allows zones to be combined and operated with a single control
• The largest available and square in shape
• Every part of the zone to the edge is usable
• Powerful ultra rapid burner offers
• Comes with a child safety lock

• Some users found the lack of a separate control for each zone to be inconvenient
• Not as powerful as some competing brands
• Higher price point than some alternatives


The Smeg SAIG3953B 90CM Induction and Gas Cooktop is the best cooktop to buy for your kitchen. This sleek and stylish design will blend into any room.

The stainless steel is easy to clean and durable. You’re sure to love the five cooking zones with induction, gas burners or both.

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